Common Phrases: “I Figured As Much”

The Meaning of I Figured As Much

graphic showing a boy saying "I figured as much!" and the meaning of the phrase

Meaning: I thought so.

People will often use this phrase when their prediction is affirmed.

Origin of I Figured As Much

Ultimately, the origin of this phrase is not known.

One definition of as much is the sameFigured can also be an informal way to say thoughtconcluded, or had the opinion of. Thus, this expression is pretty literal.

It means, “What I was thinking is what actually happened.” This definition of figure can also be seen in the expression figure something out.

Other definitions of figure include working out a mathematical equation and to picture in one’s mind. It’s possible that one or both of these definitions played a part in forming this idiom. Nonetheless, there is no apparent evidence indicating this.

Often, people use a shortened form of this expression. Just, I figured.

Some Examples of I Figured As Much

Here’s an example in which two roommates discuss some unusual occurrences around the house.

Martha: Listen, Ariel, I know you’ve been stealing my food, and it’s got to stop.

Ariel: Why do you think that?

Martha: I’ve noticed that you’ve been tearing tiny holes in my bags and boxes of food and stealing small amounts at a time.

Ariel: You can’t be serious. We have mice. They are stealing your food. Did you also notice the mouse droppings and mousetraps I concealed around the kitchen?

Martha: Oh…haha. Of course, I did. I figured as much.

Ariel: I can tell you’re lying. You actually thought that I did that. It upsets me that you’d think I would do something like that.

In this following example, two college students discuss a recent difference in appearance.

Rachel: Hey! Did you get a haircut?

Nicole: I did, actually!

Rachel: I figured as much. I noticed that you looked different!

Other Examples

  • Then I realized that I was looking at stadium workers. I should have figured as much when I approached the gate. The greeter had asked, “Are you working tonight?” – The New York Times
  • Didn’t someone tell him there was a camera there (he might have figured as much, after the experience with the microphone), and that sulking doesn’t help? – The New Yorker


The idiom I figured as much is another way of saying, I thought that was the case.

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