How Do You Spell “Restaurant?”

A graphic of a restaurant with the word "Restaurant" and two mnemonic device suggestions: "I love a place with a good AURA; They give me food, I give them gold (AU).

A commonly misspelled word, the correct spelling is RESTAURANT.


A building or a space where people can pay money to eat meals cooked and served on the premises.


In a sentence:

We were hungry but too tired to cook, so we decided to go to a restaurant for dinner.

From the Media:

“AJ When Nopi head chef Nicole Pisani recently left her job, it wasn’t to go to another restaurant, but to run the kitchen at Gayhurst Community School in Hackney, where the six kitchen staff make lunch for 550 children and staff.” – The Guardian

Mnemonic Devices to Help You Remember How To Spell “Restaurant”

  1. RestAURAnt – It’s really important to me that the restaurant has a nice AURA! 
  2. REST – AU -RANT – A restaurant is a place where you can REST, give them your gold (AU) and then RANT about it on Yelp. 




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