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April 03, 2017



Thoughtful topic and the explanation is quite helpful to realize how to react in such situations ... I had been with such experience... really thanks for sharing Ms. Lynn

Rohit Vinayak

What should be the 1st email to get an appointment from the client (New Client, with whom we have spoken on call) ?


Rohit Vinayak

2) We spoke with a client on call few times, we had written to the same client for an appointment however the response is NILL or very poor from client. What should be the best and the most effective way to put an email to him ?

Tamara D. Davis

Fantastic post! In my personal life, I follow the rules you outlined above. I found that I translated the same policies to my professional life. My personal policy is never put angry words on paper. Honestly, we also have to watch the angry words that come from our mouths as well. Thank you for a great post!

M. Wood

I have learned when writing something that gives me that vague feeling to save it in a draft and come back to it later. If I still feel the same way then, and find my thoughts are well articulated without causing further hurt, I will go ahead and send the email or letter. More often, I change my mind once I have cooled off. It actually helps me clear my mind and examine my motives by putting it in writing, even if I don't send it later.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Thank you for the comments, Hasan, Rohit, Tamara, and M.

Hasan, I am glad you liked the topic.

Rohit, why would the new client want to meet with you? Do you have information the client wants? Advice the client will benefit from? A solution to the client's problems? You have to present the meeting in a way that the client will recognize its value.

Tamara, I'm glad you like these guidelines and already apply them. In my experience, the speed of our emailing and texting often gets us into trouble without our even realizing it--just like our mouths sometimes do.

M., letting the draft sit awhile often saves the situation. Thanks for sharing your good habit.



if we start our mail by using below mentioned line is there any thing wrong in it:-

hope you are doing good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Yes, several things should be different:

1. Capitalize the first word of the sentence.
2. Change "good" to "well."
3. Use only one punctuation mark at the end.
4. If you need to sound professional, begin the sentence with "I."


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