How to Create Great Content in 2021: Effective Tips

According to the research done by the Econsultancy company, about 70% of brands promoting a business on the Internet will invest more in content marketing this year. In addition, representatives of 90% of companies believe that the role of this promotion method will grow in the next 12 months.

The rise in the popularity of content marketing comes amid a dramatic shift in the SEO market. Now, the demand for the services of traditional search engine optimizers is falling, while content marketing is experiencing rapid growth. In connection with the latter, many companies have faced a serious problem – the lack of professionalism of many newly created content agencies. Because of them, companies get tons of worthless content, which does not help them achieve the planned market result. Therefore, they lose confidence in this promotion method as a whole. So, how to create content that will help you achieve the desired business goals?

You should know how to differentiate good content from bad content. To do this, it is necessary to debunk some of the myths prevalent among internet marketers and their clients.

How to Differentiate Good Content: Content Marketing Myths and Their Debunking

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Here are three common misconceptions that can help you improve the effectiveness of your content marketing campaigns:

  • Myth 1. Content marketing is the creation and publication of a huge amount of content.

It’s an absolute delusion. The key to successful marketing is creating quality and relevant content. And if you sacrifice quality for quantity, it harms not only your brand’s reputation but also search engine traffic.

  • Myth 2. The concept of “quality content” is subjective and situational.

The length of the session, the pages viewed, the user’s interaction with the page as a whole and with individual interactive elements – all these are the very notorious behavioral characteristics that now play a priority role in the ranking of sites.

  • Myth number 3. Content doesn’t last long.

In fact, you can use each material multiple times. For example, create an infographic or podcast based on an informational article or turn a text guide into a video tutorial. Content must also be optimized and socialized in order for it to perform its function. Consumers don’t care about the content that cannot be found using search engines or social media

How to Сreate High-Quality Content: Tips to Follow

When promoting your business with content marketing, you constantly need large amounts of quality content. Sooner or later, you will be faced with the need to expand your arsenal by publishing materials of different formats and types. Ask yourself three questions, the answers to which will make your content more creative:

  1. How does your target audience find content?
  2. What information channels are the main ones for your clients?
  3. What drives your customers to take action? Does your content contain something that will help the client take the action you want?

Answer these questions, and you’ll find many ways to improve the effectiveness of your content marketing campaigns. Are you looking for ready-made recipes on how to create great content? Follow the tips below:

  • Visualize trends with multimedia software. Today, there are many tools that can help you provide clients with a more enjoyable experience. Clients have become more demanding, and few like it when content is just text without audio, video, pics, etc. You are recommended to use real-time data to create infographics. An infographic maker will be of great use to you. For example, you can show the audience the success or failure story of a project, as well as track market trends.
  • Explore your company’s website<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> and present your results to your audience. Use Google Analytics and get a huge amount of data. By processing it, you’ll create educational material for customers and Internet marketers. Use Canva to make a great presentation.
  • Engage your company’s front-office specialists to create informational materials. Ask salespeople and account managers to write down any noteworthy customer interactions. Write an article on front office work when you have enough facts or create video content using video editing software. It will interest both professionals and clients. Your sales team is the most important source of information for your content marketers.
  • Think like a publisher. Constantly look for topics that can be of interest to your target audience. Use a variety of sources of information to continually bring fresh content to your customers. BuzzSumo can help you define the content that performs best.
  • Create a customer journey map. It is a tool for visualizing customer interactions with your brand. Such a map will help you identify the main difficulties people face at each stage of purchasing products or services for your business. Using this data, you’ll be able to create content that is useful for the consumer and help them to overcome these difficulties.

Content marketing has already won the hearts and minds of audiences and brand budgets. To successfully use this promotion method, you need to create a lot of high-quality and varied content following the tips above.


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By Susan Barlow

Dr. Susan Barlow is retired from academia after teaching business administration, project management, and business writing courses for over 20 years.

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