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December 25, 2013



Dear Lynn,

I wanted to say how much I appreciate your tips and reminders, not just today, but for the whole year. Thank you so much!

Have a wonderful new year!



Dear Lynn,
Another excellent article and one that I think was very pertinent as many of us seem to ignore the importance of thanking others.
Speaking of a thankful heart, I appreciate your posts and always learn or(relearn)something valuable!
Hoping 2014 is a fulfilling year for you!

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hello, Jim.

Thank you for letting me know you are a fan. And I appreciate your modeling such gracious behavior.

Happy new year to you too!


Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi, Vicki.

I agree that expressing thanks is something many people forget. And we need to recognize the consequences. The consultant who told me about not getting a response seemed disheartened by it, especially when he had chosen a lovely pen for a client. When he emailed to ask her whether she had received it, she responded, "Oh, that pen?" That was it--no thanks, no other acknowledgment.

Thanks for YOUR appreciation and good wishes. I wish you a rewarding 2014!



Thank you so much,Lynn.

Happy new year to you.

Janna Shagina

Dear Lynn! English is my second language. I know I do a lot of mistakes, because I still think on Russian and trying to translate it to English. ;) I am so happy I have found your blog. It helps me a lot. Your articles are easy to understand (most of the time for me :)) and your positive attitude makes me write responds ignoring luck of good English ;) I wish you to be healthy and your blog to continue to have a success in New 2014 Year. Thank you for your blog again!!! From your Canadian reader.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hyan, thank you for your good wishes.

Janna, I appreciate your thoughtful message. I wish you success and enjoyment learning English.


Brendon Ross

I couldn't agree more with this post. We always send out holiday gifts to clients we work with and they almost always show their appreciation for the gift in one way or another. Especially in the slow winter months it doesn't take much to send out a quick thank you card or pick up the phone. A business relationship should be more than JUST business I think. In Japan, I've heard they do not do business with someone unless they first develop that positive relationship with them and that's what I think more business relationships should be like. You are much more likely to do better work for someone you like and who likes you.

Happy New Year

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Great points. Thanks, Brendon. Happy new year to you too.


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